Mesa employees are the source of our clients' satisfaction. We know their performance is of utmost concern to you. With a hands-on approach to daily management, attention to details, and most of all, communication with you, we know you will be totally satisfied with the performance of the security officers assigned to your property.

Our management structure is quite simple as we have one layer of supervisory personnel between the security officers and the firm's owners. Our clients are encouraged to have direct and frequent contact with both levels.

We know that to provide you with Security Officers we must select, hire, and train the right people.

Those people are:

In uniform, on time, with cell phones & radios

Well trained in security matters

Alert & knowledgeable about your property

Able to relate to your employees & tenants

Mesa selects individuals who have in the past demonstrated an ability to provide the dependable type of work behavior that is required by Mesa. Prior to offering employment to an individual we conduct an in-house background check to insure there are not problems that would arise later in their employment. We then perform a rather extensive interview process, which includes an "on-site" evaluation by one of our supervisory members to insure that this individual has the characteristics we are looking for in a Mesa Security Officer.

After we have selected an individual for consideration we then obtain a search of their personal history of criminal matters performed by the State of New Mexico's Regulation and Licensing Department.

After an "on-site" evaluation is passed satisfactorily, the officer then undergoes eight hours of in-house training relating to certain aspects of the law and how it relates to security officers, our performance requirements, and specific post duties. When a Mesa security officer reports for duty, we then know they are the right type of person, experienced, well trained, properly uniformed and equipped to provide total protection for your employees, tenants and property.

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