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We will need to conduct a back ground check if you are called in for an interview. At that time we will ask for your Social Security # and other personal information.

Mesa Detection Agency only operates in Albuquerque,NM

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Are you currently employed?
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Have you ever worked as a security officer before?
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What were some of your duties?

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Did you attend any other schools?

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After we receive your online application we will review it and if we have any openings we will call you to conduct a phone interview. If you are hirable we will schedule you for an interview where you will have to fill out a more in-depth application and a back ground investigation will be done. We will keep your online application on file in case we have an opening in the future.

Note: how you conduct yourself in any interview greatly increases or decreases the odds of you being hired. Show up on time, be properly dresses, always be polite and forthcoming. If you lie during an interview you will not be hired, especially regarding any criminal past. It all shows up, ALL of it.

Mesa Detection Agency only operates in Albuquerque,NM

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